Yoga 101


The number one reason why people join our membership community is to commit to a daily yoga practice.

Without seeing inside our membership community you might wonder, how can a membership community help me commit to a daily yoga practice?

Join me Monday February 4, 2019 at 4:00 pm PT when I will take you behind the scenes of our membership community and show you what you will receive when you become a member

What I will cover:

What daily support we offer to commit to your daily yoga practice?
How to set up your own personalized, customized yoga practices, specific for your own needs
What kind of value added videos, leading edge research videos are in the membership community
Find out who the community is for and who as well as who the community is not for

Answer your FAQs from:

What if I think it is too expensive?
Why should I join if I can do your free classes every Friday?
Why should I settle for one teacher when I want to sample many teachers?
Bring your own questions!

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