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Five Element Theory Fire Element Advanced Study Course with Melissa West

Live Recording from Thursday April 11, 9 am PT YouTube and Facebook

In this live behind the scenes I will share with you the advanced five element courses that are available in our membership community. We have a fire element course coming up as part of our membership offerings in May of 2019. This live stream is a great opportunity to see if the course is a good fit for you (members and potential members) and to ask questions about how we engage in five element theory in our course.

We all have the five phases of wood, fire, earth, metal and water within us. Each element exists to nourish all others and in return, to be nourished itself. The movement of our being are like the tides of energy expanding (yang) and contracting (yin) as we are carried along the currents of life.

After the seeds of wood element have been planted in spring they come to full fruition in the radiance of the vibrant sun of summertime. The fire element is all about our warmth, radiance, joy and vitality. It is the sparkle in our eyes and the love and connection we feel with all living beings and all living things at the height of summer. It is our inner contentment and peace that allows us to fall asleep easily and sleep deeply through the night.

The fire element contains much healing medicine too. The heart meridian along with the small intestine meridian, pericardium meridian and triple warmer meridian offer us much healing medicine. The anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks are elixirs that are important invitations to our wholeness. The restlessness, racing mind and fuzzy heads are a healing salve that are like a best friend reminding us that all parts of ourselves are worthy of our warmth and affection. We are perfect, sacred beings, blazing the fire of our own inner realization always and already and the warmth and radiance of fire element teaches us that perhaps more than any other element.

In this behind the scenes livestream I will go over how we will be engaging with the fire element in each week of the five element course through dharma talks, discussion (in online forums and in class with two way video), self practice of yoga, pranayama, contemplation of poetry and time in nature. I will also go over the requirements for the course as well as the application process.

Link for members to apply:

Link to become a member and to access the Five Elements Courses as Part of Your Membership:


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