Yoga 101

Morning Yin Yoga in 60 Minutes
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Join us for this 60 minute Yin Yoga for mornings. It is a full body, full 60 minute yin yoga class that will show you how to start your day inspired. So many of us start our day anxious, rushing into work and our to do lists. By following this slow motivational yin yoga class you will learn how to start your day of positively which will have a profound impact on the way you live your life. In this morning yin yoga class we will get a healthy start to your day by exploring how the three principles of yin can be applied off our yoga mats and in our life.

Through these morning yin yoga postures we will cultivate the energy that you will need to get you through the activities of your day. Morning yin yoga is particularly effective for gathering the yin energy that gives fuel to the yang energy that will animate your day. Particular attention will be given to your kidney meridian and nourishing kidney chi. This will help you start your day with renewed energy and vitality.

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