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What is spirituality?

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Sadhguru is a spiritual guru, meditation master from India. The Spiritual practice, spiritual technology he has transmitted to millions of people in the world has helped them to a spiritual awakening within themselves, which has not only helped them to come out of chronic diseases but also live a blissful life. I was fortunate enough to learn all the spiritual meditation practice taught by Sadhguru and attain to a spiritual awakening and ultimately to a blissful life with in myself.

In this YouTube video, Sadhguru answers what is spirituality, what is spiritual awakening for a beginners question on spiritual experience. He says that spirituality essentially means everything is one and the same energy from gross objects to subtler aspects of life is made up of same kind of energy. Sadhguru further explains that his experience of what is spirituality came when he was young man, painting in his own farm, he could see how a paint smear could go from gross to subtle. Sadhguru explains that the spiritual experience can occur to people through many situations and especially spiritual awakening can happen if a person is faced with death. He givens an example of an Vegetable vendor in Bangalore and how this person experienced spirituality by constantly thinking he is going to die.

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